Q: Where will the money be going?
A: 100% of the proceeds from this fundraiser will go to local non-profit organization Mercy for America’s Children. Located in Wake Forest, this organization works diligently on behalf of the 450,000 children in the U.S. Foster Care System. Mercy for America’s Children works to educate the public about the needs in the system, recruit foster and adoptive families, and support the families and children through the adoption process. They provide support groups for children and adults, specialized trainings, behavior and academic support teams, etc. In addition, they work closely with Wake County D.S.S. to support over 600 children in Wake County foster care. Please view their website at www.mac-cares.org to learn more.
Q: What is expected of each team?
A: Each team of up to 8 members is expected to keep a stationary cycle going for 8 consecutive hours and raise a minimum of $1000 as a team.
Q: How much money does each rider need to raise?
A: The goal for each team is to raise a minimum of $1000. There is no set individual goal. Based on the number of people on each team, captains can choose to divide the $1000 among participants to set individual goals (i.e. 8 people on a team = $125 dollars raised per person). In previous years many teams raised well over the goal of $1000 - push for as many donations as possible.
Q: How do I collect donations?
A: All donations will be made and tracked online through this site. This page can be found under the Cycle-A-Thon tab on our website at www.mac-cares.org or can be directly accessed at www.maccycleathon.myevent.com. All donations are tax deductible. Donations can be collected until 6:00 p.m. on the day of the event.
Q: How long does each rider need to ride?
A: You may ride as little or much as you want. Your team can have up to 8 people which means each team member would ride 1 hour for the event. Conversely you could have 2 people and each ride 6 hours…this is up to you and your fitness level.
Q: Will the ride be guided?
A: Yes! The whole day is guided by highly qualified cycle instructors. 
Q: Will there be music?
A: Yes! There will be lively and motivating music the entire 8 hours.
Q: Will the bar be open?
A: Yes!
Q: Will there be food?
A: Yes, food will be available for purchase.
Q: Can I bring my friends and family to cheer me on?
A: Yes, the facility will be open to non-members who are supporting the fundraiser.
Q: Will there be prizes?
A: Yes, prizes will be awarded to each member of the highest fundraising team as well as the highest fundraising individual. There will be additional prizes and gifts given away throughout the day.
Q: What is Flag Day?
A: On August 10th each team will meet at Granite Falls Swim and Athletic Club to create a team flag that will be displayed at the event to promote team spirit.
Q: Will there be a celebration at the end of the event?
A: Yes, there will be an after party directly following the event during which time the pool deck and bar will remain open and the music will continue for dancing and celebration.
Thanks for being part of this wonderful event!